The Disembodiment of Being a Vessel
post partum depression, pregnancy, maternal mental health, art book, blurb book, zine, art zine
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The Disembodiment of Being a Vessel

This self-published 60-page book reflects on an experience in which my body, mind, and relationships were at odds with the narrative I had previously believed about motherhood.

From the first page:

“I found motherhood to be a revelation, and also at times unbearable; I was intimately known and yet alone. I judged my wild range of feelings particularly harshly when scrolling through romanticized images of #momlife on Instagram and other forms of media. It appeared that there was no room for mixed feelings in motherhood, when – in fact – motherhood might be defined by its mixed feelings. My intention in making and sharing this book is to say what happened in me, in hopes of making more room in the world for stories that are still outside of the common and incomplete dialogue about motherhood, bodies, gender, and mental health. ”

If you would like to purchase a copy, visit my Blurb bookstore page, here.